Sun. Oct 20th, 2019

Construction work of the Darwallaman office complex will be opened next week

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Kabul: Officials at the Ministry of Urban and Land Affairs say that the work of arranging the mapping, designing and land plots of the Kabul Administrative Complex Complex has been completed and that the construction work of the compound will be officially opened next week.

Hashmatullah Nasseri, spokesman for the Ministry of Urban Planning said on Wednesday, the nineteenth of Cancer in an interview with the 8th of the morning newspaper said the work of fixing the right of ownership and acquisition of the land plots of the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was completely finalized and the work of infrastructure of parts of this complex is also being completed.

He added that the infrastructure work of the Darwallaman Complex has begun in 1397.

However, the spokesman for the Ministry of Urban and Land Affairs says it will be opened Sunday at the ceremony of the construction of the administrative complex of the Dar Alaman. According to her, the design of the complex is being carried out by a trusted construction company and its construction work is being carried out by the Presidential Operations Office. The Ministry of Urban and Landscape also has a facilitating and executive role in this process.

Hashmatollah Nasseri emphasizes on the other hand that after completing the complex, 27 government departments, including ministries, independent government agencies and judicial and judicial institutions, will be transferred to the Darwallan area. He added that the work of the Department of Administrative Affairs complex is being progressed in two stages. According to him, in the first stage, 13 government offices, and in the second phase, 14 other government departments will be transferred to the Darwallan Complex. The complex has been designed in two phases, according to officials, the first phase of its infrastructure has been finalized. 

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