Sun. Oct 20th, 2019

Alligator Without Tail Gets New 3D Printed Prosthetic One

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An alligator named Mr. Stubbs is going to have to look for a new name, now he’s not so stubby anymore.

For years the reptilian creature had been living life without his tail after sustaining the injury while being illegally transported by a group of animal traffickers. The creature was facing a life on land as he struggled to stay upright in deep water.

However, since being found and transported to Phoenix Herpetological Society back in 2013, Mr. Stubbs has been given a new lease of life thanks to a 3D printed prosthetic tail that has been successfully attached to his backside.

When he first made it to the facility, the gator, who was nine at the time, became the first in the world to be fitted with a prosthetic tail. Made out of latex and silicone, the attachment was based on another alligator’s tail but unfortunately it proved to be a bit clunky.

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